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Healing Centre


Spectacular Skies and Seascapes. ‘Heaven-by-the-Sea’ is an 8 bedroom Victorian house situated in a beautifully quiet location in Margate, on the South East coast of England. Most rooms have stunning sea views. Turner, the English artist, said that Margate’s sunsets were Europe’s finest – and they still are!

Nature at its best. Gloriously golden sandy beaches enhance each side of the centre: sea eroded chalk platforms are sites of special scientific interest, fossils and flints abound in nearby white chalk cliffs, an abundance of sea creatures can be discovered in rock pools uncovered at low tide, many types of seagulls, as well as waders, shanks, sandlings and cormorants make their homes here , and unusual migratory birds make this beach their first, or last resting place on their way to or from England.

Activities and Walks. The Centre is quiet and secluded. However, for the active, there is a nearby sports centre, as well as golf courses, tennis club, indoor and outdoor bowls, tenpin bowling, gymnasiums, Dreamland fun park, cinemas, museums, clubs, theatres, many excellent restaurants, and a wealth of ‘Olde Worlde’ pubs. Alternatively, enjoy the wonderful sea air, and the beautiful cliff or seaside walks.

Prayer and Meditation. Meditating on the panoramic changing seascape is often a healing in itself. During the day, individual prayer, meditation or healing in this room is available by appointment.

Indoor Activities. During the day, relax in the lounge with a book from our library, or take part in a musical evening. Relax and enjoy the Centre’s spiritual peace and tranquillity.


Healing Days. Reiki healing is provided every day from a qualified therapist, for any illness, injury, emergency or condition. Three things may happen during a course of Reiki – nothing, a miracle, or a gradual improvement of body, emotions, mind or spirit. We never know what will happen until we try. However in a healing study in a GP’s surgery, 72% of the chronic patients the doctor could not help were helped by the healer.

Reiki, Healing, Psychic, & Spiritual Courses. Allan Sweeney offers quality residential courses in Reiki I & II. Advanced Reiki Training, Healing Mastery, Reiki III Teaching and Karuna Mastery, and many other healing, psychic and spiritual courses. His teaching is highly acclaimed, including many unique features not taught elsewhere. Students come from all countries, and consistently give an evaluation score of 10 out of 10.

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