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What is Reiki? ‘Reiki’ is a Japanese word which describes many healing or holy methods. Reiki is also used world-wide to describe the Usui system of healing. Other branches of Reiki have evolved from this system.

What is the Usui System of Reiki? This was rediscovered by Mikao Usui in 1922. Whilst searching for a healing formula, Usui Sensei had a mystical experience. This provided the Reiki symbols – still used effectively today.

How does Reiki work? When you receive Reiki attunements from a qualified Reiki Master, you are automatically attuned to Universal Healing Energy. This can then be used for healing self/others/animals/distant or world healing.

What is the Reiki Energy? Reiki Masters believe that Reiki is made up of the Rei, which is highest spiritual energy, and Ki, or life-force energies. Reiki can be described as use of energy by one or more persons to help a person, animal or situation. Reiki is non-denominational.

Will Reiki Enhance My Existing Therapy? Reiki attunements enhance the healing power of most healers by at least 50%. Other therapies like aromatherapy, reflexology, massage etc can gain similar huge benefits from the extra Reiki energy.

How long is a Reiki 1 and 2 Course? Usually one weekend. Perhaps a more important question is, ‘Is there back-up after the course?’ A good Reiki teacher provides unlimited post-course advice to help develop your healing, psychic, spiritual, and other abilities.

What is Reiki 3 Healing Mastership? Although in the West Reiki is taught as a three level system, in Japan Dr. Usui taught the seven level system, with the third level probably what he called “The Reiki Cure”. Most students will be cured of something on this amazing course.

When can I take Reiki 4 Teaching Class? If you wish to heal yourself or others with the powerful Master symbol and healing attunement, you can take Reiki 4 immediately after Reiki 3. If you wish to teach Reiki, you should discuss the matter with a Reiki Master.

How do I find a Good Reiki Teacher? Many students are now becoming teachers. Like any profession, do check their knowledge. Perhaps write a list of Reiki and healing questions and choose the Master with the most competent answers

What is Grecian Reiki? This is the ultimate in Reiki, allowing access to unlimited healing symbols.

When can I take further Reiki courses e.g. Healing Mastership 3, Teaching Masters 4, Karuna, Grecian? If you wish to heal yourself or others with more powerful symbols and healing attunements, you can take Reiki courses immediately after each other. If you wish to teach Reiki, you should discuss this with Allan Sweeney.

Do I need an Healing Mastership 3 Training course? 100% yes! If you need deep self-healing; or if you intend to be a professional Reiki healer; or if you hope to teach Reiki properly.

Do I need Karuna Reiki? Eventually yes, to find the true high nature of your soul, Karuna guides you to the God-Force and enlightenment. Spiritual peace, joy, bliss and ecstasy can be discovered and taught.