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Reiki Master Allan Sweeney teaches both spiritual and scientific evidence for most Reiki, healing and psychic issues. He has taught 14 different healing methods around the world for 24 years, runs the Margate Reiki Centre and ‘Heaven-by-the-Sea’ Healing Centre, provided Reiki in prisons, is an accomplished direct channeller of universal information, has permanent contact with high Ascended beings, gives free healing in poorer countries, teaches almost every healing, psychic and spiritual subject, is editor of The Reiki Healing News Extra, belongs to a variety of healing organisations (e.g. ‘The Doctor/Healer Network’), has trained with Japanese, English, German, and American Masters, and is chairman of the I.R.H. the International Reiki Healers Organisation. He has appeared on TV and radio Healing phone-ins, interviews and chat shows in various countries. After being asked by four publishers, Allan has just published his first book, “The Reiki 1 Manual”, 504 pages, 102 exercises. This is available at £18.00 from the address within or, for Reiki Masters to give to students, at a special 1/2 price for order of 10 order more. Read more


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